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Solar LED Pole Lights


Like coffee and cake, LED’s and solar technology were destined to be the ultimate pairing. Traditionally pole mounted luminaires have been high pressure sodium, mercury vapour, or metal halide lamp sources – all of which require high voltages and warm up ignition time. LED’s by comparison are instant start, have much lower power demands and have a longer life expectancy too. Now that LED’s are able to produce the high lumen output required for street and area lighting, LED pole lights are much more commonplace than compared to ten years ago.

When LED lighting and solar technology meet

The sweet spot of technological development for solar LED pole lights has in a sense been met now that LED pole lights can produce the lumen output required for area lighting, and photovoltaic technology has become efficient and affordable enough
to provide an opportunity for solar LED pole lights to take centre stage.

Why now is the time for solar LED pole lights

As the global climate emergency is becoming all the more critical to address, there has never been a more important time to take action and lead the way when it comes to making meaningful change. Fossil fuels are increasingly falling out of favour and that combined with the rising cost of electricity,
the reasons for innovation encompass both ethical and financial incentives. Solar LED pole lights for the first time provide street and area lighting to areas without utility grid power or areas which do not want to rely on this existing infrastructure.

If crypto currency and blockchain technology is decentralising finance, then solar powered lighting is the first step towards energy independence and
our reliance on an unsustainable system. Whether it is regions with old outdated infrastructure, difficult to service remote areas or even new developments that do not have any facility to provide power – solar LED pole lights circumvent what was once considered necessary and prove that lighting can be provided where is was previously not thought possible.

Know more about Solar Lighting System

When considering a solar light system for your next project it is important to understand the various components required in the solar light system.


Why is now the time for solar LED pole lights?

:  The climate crisis and problems with fossil fuels mean that there has never been a better time to embrace solar led pole light technology. 

Why were solar pole lights not available in the past?
: Traditionally pole lighting required high levels of power due to the lamps used. LED’s have much lower power demands and therefore are ideal for solar LED pole lighting.
Where can solar LED pole lights be installed?

:  Solar LED pole lights can be installed anywhere there is a solid foundation and sufficient day light exposure for producing electricity. 

Do solar LED pole lights require access to the local utility grid?

: No. Solar LED pole lights can operate independent of the local utility grid, so long as they receive sufficient sun light to produce their town electricity.