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Solar Lights System


When considering a solar lights system for your next project it is important to understand the various components required in the solar lights system. 
Whilst conventional lighting installations simply connect to the utility grid, a solar lighting system requires additional hardware in order for it to be able to generate and store its own electricity.

First and foremost a solar module is required to capture the suns electromagnetic radiation. This may be referred to as a solar panel, photovoltaic, PV or similar description. A charge controller is the then required to regulate the amount of power travelling within the system, ensuring that the battery isn’t overcharged, or that the connected devices don’t over-discharge the battery. Then of course there is the solar battery itself – this is where the electricity generated is stored for later use.

Solar Lighting System

When the solar lights system infrastructure is in place – the solar module, charge controller, and solar battery – another important consideration needs to be made, and that is the placement of the system. In order for the solar lighting system to function its best, provision needs to be made to ensure that there is sufficient solar radiation for the batteries to be charged and then power the connected lighting. This is not a difficult task, but for this reason it is important to engage a solar lights system specialist who can best orient the solar panels and fine tune the solar lights system.

Are you considering a solar lighting system or solar lights system for your next project? Then please get in touch with our team of dedicated solar lighting specialists who can best service your needs.

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Factors need to be considered


What are the essential parts of a solar lighting system?

: The solar module, a charge controller, a solar battery and interface between the battery and luminaires.

What role does a charge controller play in a solar light system?
: The charge controller prevents the battery from being overcharged or over-discharged and potentially damaging the system. 
What is the main difference between a solar lighting system and a conventional lighting system?

: Conventional lighting systems require a connection to the local power grid, where as solar lighting systems generate their own electricity. 

Where is the best location to install a solar light system?

: Each solar light system can be tailored to a projects specific location and requirements. Get in touch with our team to discuss your project specific requirements.