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Throughout history the sun has been universally recognised as the most important source of energy for life on earth. But as powerful as this star is at the centre of our solar system, humanity has struggled to harness its potential in the post-industrial world.

The conversion of solar energy into electrical power requires an electronic device known as a solar cell which, paired with the limitations of batteries and storage of power, wasn’t widely adopted due to its high cost and low efficiency. Until very recently, solar technology could not complete with conventional fossil fuel energy and was therefore hindered from being utilised in applications such as lighting.

Thankfully the situation has changed and in recent years solar energy technology has seen rapid advancements in efficiency and reductions in cost, making it one of the leading choices in clean electricity generation. 

This is great news for the lighting industry who have helped lead this innovation. The possibilities available to engineers and designers has meant solar panels are becoming better integrated into lighting systems, creating unique solar light poles and illuminated bollards that represent the future of exterior lighting. 

Clean Energy

Clean energy and measures taken to reduce climate change have been building momentum since the early 1990s. As the realities of the human impact on the environment are becoming more obvious, proactive measures are being implemented to achieve near or zero greenhouse gas emissions as a result of electricity generation. Investing in solar energy now is one of the best ways to reduce your long-term energy consumption. 

Eco Friendly
  • A solar energy system provides cleaner way of producing electrical energy and offers low environmental impact during the generation process. Therefore, the need for kerosene-based lighting and power generators is eliminated, lowering the air pollution.
  • LEDs, as a result of improved efficacy, longer life and reduced power requirements; offer lower CO2 emissions than traditional lamps.
  • The solar street light poles can operate independent of the power grid. This reduces the required infrastructure and in turn lowers the risk of impacting the surrounding flora and fauna. 
Cost Effective​

Once installed, there are no electricity costs associated with the luminaires operation. During the day the solar panels convert the suns radiation into electricity, which stored in the connected batteries, and later used to power the luminaires at night. The ease of installation and the fact that grid power is not required, make solar power lighting systems ideal for remote areas with limited services. The long life and lower maintenance needs also provide a saving in terms of man hours required.

Stand Alone
stand alone

Our solar light poles are not required to be connected to the local electricity network. This independence from the power grid enables a lighting system to be installed in regions with unreliable infrastructures, and in particular remote areas that may otherwise not be possible to connect power. 

High performance
High performance​

The luminous efficacy and consistency of operation in the solar lighting system is the very same as that connected to the grid. There is no compromise in performance when choosing a solar lighting system, and our dedicated team will ensure all project requirements are met. 


Fully automatic functions such as dimming and motion sensors are included. The lamp brightness can be adjusted to complement the level of energy stored in the battery.

In our system, five stages of dimming can be programmed from 0% to 100% brightness. Motion sensors ensure that detection for adapting dimming levels based on pedestrian needs is satisfied.
Internet of Things (IoT) has the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) communication function enabling it to connect with a remote Cloud Server via SIM card to read and program the specifications and status of solar charge controller.

  • Intelligent Control System
  • Software interface
Design aesthetics​
Design aesthetics​

Conventional solar lighting solution prioritised practically over aesthetics. The module system is the contemporary answer to design language, providing a compact and fully integrated green energy solution to the pole.

Easy to clean
Lower dust accumulation on the panel surface compared to a conventional installation is expected and, therefore, the system will require less maintenance. Workers can clean the panel very easily with an extending low-pressure hose brush or spray cleaner. Low maintenance cost is anticipated for this lighting system.

At LIGMAN, we have a good reputation on designing, manufacturing and distributing quality lighting fixtures that has been well established for over 20 years.

The company is committed to produce world-class, high efficiency and top quality solar lighting products and is now being recognised by lighting professionals for these key merits not only in local markets but throughout the world.