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Vertical solar LED lighting systems utilise photovoltaic modules that are integrated with the lighting poles structure. Mounted vertically in a 360°arrangement, the panels convert sunlight into electricity throughout the day, which is stored in batteries to power artificial lighting at night. 

Suitable for use in practically all external application areas, the system offers a number of advantages over conventional solutions that employ a horizontal solar panel mounted above the light fitting. 

  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • No need to aim or orientate
  • Improved aesthetic
  • Greater wind resistance
  • Anti-snow covering
  • High efficiency
  • Cost effective
  • Controlled locally, remotely or via portable device
  • High standard of manufacturing and quality
  • Long battery life

Seamless Vertical solar PV module integration

Seamless vertical integration is a clean efficient method to integrate solar photovoltaic technology into column lighting systems. Using this method, large flat solar panels are not fixed on top of the lighting column or system, but instead are placed around the lighting pole itself. This seamlessly integrates the technology aesthetically without compromising the efficiency, adding value to both designers and end users.

Vertical integration is more wind-resistant, reducing wind-loads and minimising the need
for more expensive pole foundations. It also alleviates the maintenance burden by reducing dirt build up on the photovoltaic surfaces, resulting in less frequent and easier cleaning. 
The vertical wrap-around panels receive light more evenly and efficiently from the sun and sky during daylight hours, even in darker climates and seasons.

Universal application
Can be used on any type of aluminium or steel pole,
easy to assemble and locked into place. Poles can
be sourced separately if needed and the modular
design with adjustable spacing brackets ensures
easy assembly into any type of pole configuration.

Strong wind resistance
The cylindrical design reduces the wind load
area and each module is directly fastened to the
pole by 12 screws for better wind resistance.
Ideal for very windy regions.

360° Full day charging
Six slim solar sections are fixed tightly onto a
hexagon frame, ensuring that 50% of solar panel will
receive solar exposure during daylight hours. No
onsite orientation is needed.

Anti snow covering
Cylindrical solar PV modules are mounted
vertically, preventing build up of snow and
dirt. This ensures that enough power can be
generated even in very snowy climates.

Modular installation
The cylindrical solar PV module is based on a
modular design concept for easy installation and
disassembly. It can be quickly and easily mounted
onto any suitable pole.

Easy to clean
Less dust will remain on the surface in
comparison to conventional solar panels.
Maintenance workers can easily clean the panels
from the ground with an extending low-pressure
hose brush or spray cleaner, results in higher
work efficiency and reduced maintenance cost.

Patented design
The cylindrical solar PV module is designed based
on advanced concepts and manufactured to high
standards. PCT pre-registration was processed in
180 countries to protect keymarkets.


Design aesthetics
The module system is the real answer to design
aesthetics, providing a compact and fully
integrated green energy solution to the pole.

Off-grid: 100% solar
LIGMAN offers, as standard, solutions that are off-grid, 100% solar, not connected to the utility grid. Utility grid connection is available upon request.


 Using the technology of lithium iron phosphate cell, superior safety, thousands of cycles, 100% DOD
   under normal conditions.
– Built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over discharge, over current and over temperature.
– Free of maintenance
– Internal cell balancing
– Lighter weight: About 40% ~ 50% of the weight of a comparable lead acid battery
– Can be charged using most standard lead-acid charges (set)
– Wider temperature range: -20°C ~ 60°C