Innovative max power point tracking (MPPT) technology, tracking efficiency >99%

Dimming levels adapt to low voltage battery conditions

Full digital technology, high charge conversion efficiency up to 97%

Automatic recognition of system voltage, 12V and 24V

Full digital technology, high discharge conversion efficiency 
up to 96%

Motion detection for adapting dimming levels based on pedestrian needs

Precision constant current control supports from 50mA up to 100mA

External temperature sensor

5 Step dimming can be programmed
from 0% to 100% levels

IP67, Strong and durable aluminium

Remote control operation

Full automatic electronic protection

A92291 - Remote solar charge controller

WARNING: This device helps the client to see and change the control settings remotely. But before changing any settings, please consult the factory for details. If not handled properly, system configuration might not function as planned.

Control options:
– 5 Step dimming
– 3 Step dimming
– 2 Step dimming
– Dusk to Dawn
– Low battery dimming

– Time, battery and dim levels can be set
– Step length and minimum dim level is 10%

Some typical algorithm examples are shown below:

Custom setting type option: