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Solar LED Pole Lights


LED pole lights are quickly replacing their conventional counterparts of metal-halide and high-pressure-sodium, thanks to advancements in technology providing increased lumen output and reduced manufacturing costs making them more affordable. Whilst previous generations of solar power units struggled to produce enough power for the high wattage lamps of the past, the reduced power requirements of LED’s make them the ideal pairing with
the latest solar power technology.

Solar LED Panel

Solar Lighting by LIGMAN showcases a number of solar LED pole lights for your next project, which not only meet engineering and electricity generation expectations, but also aesthetic demands for design conscious architects and planners who want a sustainable system that also looks good.

NATURE SOURCE is a stand alone solar integrated post top for collecting and storing solar power. However it is the range of vertical solar PV poles that represent the future of solar LED pole lighting, by integrated the photovoltaic cells within the pole structure itself. 

Solar Panel LED Lighting System

Aside from the higher wattages of metal-halide and high-pressure-sodium, these gas lamps also have specific requirements when it comes to start up, restrike and cooling. LED lighting thankfully does not have this issue. As a result solar LED pole lights aren’t as dependent on the high wattage or high current demands of conventional lamp types.

However one of the major advantages of solar LED pole lights, which is mindful of both LED and solar power, is the fact that LED lighting is able to be dimmed. Though we should be conserving power regardless, unless backup power is provided from the grid, solar powered lights have a finite source
of power which they are connected to. To best utilise the power stored within the battery, and to reduce the amount of unnecessary lighting produced during the night, solar LED pole lights can be programmed to dim at different points in the night when there will be less activity. A motion sensor can override this setting, but in having this option the solar panel LED pole lights simultaneously conserved their stored energy and reduce the amount
of wasted light.

How can solar pole lights improve safety?

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Why are LEDs and solar power the ideal pairing?

: LEDs don’t require the same levels of electricity as metal-halide and high-pressure-sodium lamps. 

What benefits does LED have over conventional pole lighting?
: Lower power requirements and ability to dim.
How can the solar panel LED lighting system be controlled?

: Switched via time-clock but also with motion sensor override.

How can I determine the best solar panel LED lighting system for my next project?

: The team of dedicated solar lighting professionals at LIGMAN can answer your queries and assist with any project specific needs.