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Solar Pole Lights


Providing lighting to remote regions, particularly those which are not frequently occupied, has always been a difficult an expensive task. Whether it be connecting lighting to the electricity grid or providing other forms of power generation to ensure electricity is available, the costs can often unfortunately
far outweigh the benefits of providing light. Solar pole lights provide a unique solution to a problem that in many cases has to go unsolved.

Improve safety with solar pole lights

Traffic accidents are often caused by poor visibility, particularly at night when light is limited or non-existent. Though it isn’t always required or necessary
to illuminate long stretches of road in regions outside urban areas, intersections can be just as dangerous when multiple vehicles are approaching the road junction. Solar pole lights can ideally address this problem in rural areas by illuminating the problem area at night, without requiring an infrastructure upgrade should grid power not be available.

Illuminate remote locations with solar pole lights

Throughout the world roads connect cities, towns, and small communities to one another. Although cars and other vehicles are equipped with their own lights for travelling at night, supplementary light to problem areas such as intersections can greatly reduce the possibility of accidents and improve safety overall. Since remote locations are often without grid power, solar pole lights provide an opportunity to illuminate difficult to reach areas without the need for connection to the utility grid.

Solar pole lights mean that urban planning and road lighting is no longer limited by access to the available infrastructure in the area. New developments, remote communities and difficult to service areas can now benefit from the safety that lighting requires thanks to solar pole lights.

Can solar lighting remain on even in the cloudy, rainy, or snowing?

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What are solar pole lights?

: Solar pole lights are luminaires able to produce their own electricity from solar energy, which in turn powers them at night. 

Where can solar pole lights be utilised?
: Remote locations that have no possibility of grid power are ideal candidates for solar pole lights.
How can solar pole lights improve safety?

: When driving at night, visibility is a key concern. In order for lighting to be provided, power is also required. Intersections in remote areas may not have access to grid power, so solar pole lights allow these areas to be illuminated despite their isolation.

Do solar pole lights require a connection to the local power grid?

: No. The advantage of solar pole lights is that a connection to the local power grid is not necessary for them to operate.