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Solar LED Panels


There are more than one hundred and forty thousand street lamps along the roads of Hong Kong, which are under regular maintenance to ensure their reliable operation

This is addition to other public lighting which includes pedestrian walkways, cycle path lighting, underpass lighting, high-mast lighting, public transport interchanges and footbridge lighting. Up until recently these were all predominately high pressure sodium lamps (HPS), ceramic metal halide discharge lamps (CDM), or high efficiency fluorescent lamps.

In 2017 the Highways Department (HyD) launched the LED public lighting replacement programme to save energy and reduce emissions, providing the public with more safe, reliable, sustainable lighting services. 

How is LED lighting an improvement over traditional lamps?

When compared to conventional lamp and light sources, LEDs offer a number of advantages:

Long Service Life: 50,000 to 100,000 hours (equivalent service period of approximately
5.5 to 11 years) 

Environmentally Friendly: Mercury Free

Durable: free of wire filament or gas filled bulbs

LEDs advantages

Energy Saving: approximately 30% reduction compared to traditional street lighting

Colour Rendering: much higher colour reproduction
for accurate visibility

Versatile: LEDs are dimmable, instant start, and
can adapt to a wider range of applications.

Are Solar LED Panels the next stage in the evolution of lighting?

Combining the benefits of LED lighting with the potential of solar LED panels reveals how we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in public area lighting.
The electricity grid as we know it was largely a consequence of how best to provide street lighting. The integration of solar LED panels into this infrastructure has created a rift. No longer are street and area lights dependent on the existing electricity grid, solar LED panels can now generate their own electricity, making them independent of the very resource they helped to build. 
The potential of this technology reveals how cities can reduce their electricity costs associated with street lighting, which in turn reduces their reliance
on fossil fuels, lowering their carbon footprint and creating more human centric sustainable cities for future generations. 

Why Solar LED panel's are the future of exterior lighting

Know more about solar LED panel.


How can solar LED panel lighting disrupt street lighting as we know it?

: Street lighting since its foundation has been dependent on the wired electricity grid. The introduction of solar LED panel lighting removes this dependence on the electricity grid.

How is solar LED panel lighting more sustainable than on-grid LED lighting?
: Solar LED panel lighting can generate its own electricity, and is not reliant on fossil fuel generated electricity from the utilities grid.
How can solar LED panel lighting save cities in economic terms?

: With solar LED panel lighting generating its own electricity, cost savings are made with the reduction in electricity purchased from the grid utility providers.