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Solar LED Panel


Thanks to increased efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs, it was only a matter of time before solar LED panel technology became more readily available. What was inconceivable only a decade ago, is now a reality when it comes to determining the best lighting solution – particularly one which is both future proof and sustainable.

When LED lighting was first taking over the lighting market in the first decade of the 21st century, we could only imagine what possibilities would be available in the future. Now with advancements in photovoltaic technology also enabling this technology to be more widely implemented, the development of solar LED panels which combine the benefits of each have opened up a new realm of possibilities.

Why Solar LED panel's are the future of exterior lighting

Solar LED panel technology represent a unique point in the history of lighting technology. The introduction of LED’s completely revolutionised the lighting industry and saw a shift away from conventional lighting sources from incandescent to halogen, fluorescent to metal halide. The incorporation of solar LED panels is the next part of this major shift – but where LED’s disrupted the lighting industry, solar LED panel’s are set to disrupt the fossil fuel industry and conventional power grid.

Exterior lighting and in fact all lighting has always been dependent on a hard wired connection to the electricity grid. Solar LED panel lighting however is the first time that this will not be the case. Solar LED panel luminaires are in the unique position of being able to harness the electromagnetic energy from the sun, and convert that to electricity for powering the LED light source in hours of darkness.

With more and more technology going wireless, exterior lighting through the use of solar LED panels can now also give up the reliance on cables and wires, giving it the freedom to be installed anywhere that it is required.

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What is a solar LED panel?

: The integration of photovoltaic technology and LED modules within a dedicated luminaire.

What is the benefit of solar LED panel lighting
: Solar LED panel lighting combines the low energy requirements of LED and the autonomous power generation of solar panels.
Why is solar LED panel lighting the future of exterior lighting

: Until now all lighting has required a hard wired connection to the electricity grid. Solar LED panel lighting changes this, now that the luminaire itself is able to generate electricity from the suns radiation. 

How are solar LED panels different from other light sources?

: Solar LED panel lighting is the first electric light source able to produce its own electricity.