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5 Great Reasons To Invest In A Verticle Solar PV Pole


There are many great reasons to invest in a Vertical Solar PV Pole lighting solution. Thanks to advancements in solar PV technology, paired with the reduction in the supply and installation costs, more and more end users can now benefit from the advantages that vertical solar PV poles can provide. Here are 5 great reasons to invest in a vertical solar PV pole lighting solution:

 Enhanced aesthetics
Vertical solar PV poles integrate much better than conventional solutions that are often mounted above the post top or street luminaire. Vertical Solar PV Poles by design form part of the structure and are much less intrusive in the space, creating a much cleaner and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Off-Grid Operation
Vertical Solar PV poles generate their own energy and therefore are not beholden to the power supply grid. Allowing them to be installed in remote areas with limited or non-existent power infrastructure, yet still able to provide lighting for safety and visibility.

Energy and Cost Saving
The off-grid operation not only allows installation in difficult to service areas, vertical solar PV poles by their nature save energy and therefore the cost associated with energy supply. Vertical solar PV poles generate their own power, can operate independent of the utility grid, saving both energy from non-renewable sources and costs associated with running from the power grid.

Reduced Installation and Maintenance Costs
Not being connected to the utilities grid, and essentially operating independently, the associated installation costs (trenching, conduits, cabling, etc) are essentially eliminated. This significantly reduces the costs associated with installation, since many of those are manual labour hours which are becoming more expensive. 

Wind resistance
In many areas where there is better access to sunlight, there are often other harsh weather conditions to contend with such as high winds. The advantage of a vertical solar PV pole is that the footprint of the pole itself is much smaller than traditional PV arrays, reducing the overall surface area which enables the system to better handle strong winds.

That is only a small sample of the number of great reasons to invest in a vertical solar PV pole lighting solution. To discover more and discuss why vertical solar PV poles are right for your next project, please contact our dedicated LIGMAN SOLAR LIGHTING division.

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Q: What are some great reasons to invest in a vertical solar PV pole?

A: Some of the great reasons to invest in a vertical solar PV pole include: enhanced aesthetics, off-grid operation, energy saving, reduced wind resistance, cost saving, etc.

Q: How can vertical solar PV poles reduce the installation costs?

A: Vertical solar PV poles have lower installation costs since the poles themselves do not need to be physically connected together with cables, eliminating the need for trenches, conduits, cables, and so on.

Q: How can vertical solar PV poles save energy?

A: Vertical solar PV poles produce their own energy through converting solar energy (from the sun) into electricity that can power light fittings and other accessories connected to the vertical solar PV pole.

Q: Can I install vertical solar PV poles in areas without a utility grid?

A: Since vertical solar PV poles can generate their own electricity, access to the utilities grid is not necessary. Therefore in remote areas with no utility grid or limited facilities, vertical solar PV poles can generate power and provide lighting to difficult to service and remote areas.