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Solar Pole Lights, Australia


Solar pole lights provide a number of advantages over their conventional counterparts. Whilst traditional pole lights require a connection to utility grid power, solar pole lights generate their own electricity, opening up a range of benefits, some of which may be less obvious than others.

Off Grid Benefits

Solar pole lights enable exterior lighting installations to operate independent of on-grid electricity. Not needing fossil fuel generated utility power means that the solar pole lights are free of the costs associated with such infrastructure. This isn’t limited to the running costs of grid generated power, but also the connection, maintenance, and service reliability associated with on-grid power.

Regional Australia and Solar Pole Lights

In places like regional Australia this can be hugely beneficial. Many regions outside of metropolitan areas do not have the necessary infrastructure in place to service street lighting; and in regions that do, the running costs may outweigh the benefits of providing lighting to those areas. Solar pole lights eliminate this hurdle by generating their own electricity and not requiring a connection to an expensive or non-existent power source is a major advantage.

Inner City Solar Pole Lights

Whilst regional Australia can suffer from a lack of infrastructure, old parts of developed cities can suffer the reverse – years of development, upgrades and cabling that make any new changes difficult and expensive exercises. Replacing conventional sources with solar pole lights overcomes this barrier, allowing for less complicated changes and disruption to the existing underground or overhead networks.

Hidden Benefits of Solar Pole Lights

As the Internet of Things starts to populate all areas of our lives, solar pole lights can also take advantage of this technology. Rather than simply pairing solar panels and batteries with street lights, the inclusion of wireless capability enables real time monitoring of solar pole light performance, record outages, regulate output, and provide a more technologically sound approach to street lighting management.

Is LIGMAN Solar pole lights suitable for installation in strong wind zones?

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How can solar pole lights benefit regional Australian projects?

: The off-grid operation provided by solar pole lights means that street lighting installations are not beholden to existing infrastructure or networks that need to be specifically built.

How can solar pole lights benefit inner city Australian projects?

: The off-grid operation provided by solar pole lights means that in over-populated areas, complex underground and overground cabling will have less of an impact on the introduction of new lighting to an area.

What less obvious benefits do solar pole lights offer?

: Solar pole lights also take advantage of digital lighting and wireless technology, enabling installations to benefit from the Internet of Things wherever they are utilised.