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Solar Lighting Design Solutions, Australia


Solar Lighting Design solutions combine the world class engineering and design of LIGMAN street and area lighting luminaires, with the energy and cost saving advantages offered by solar power technology. One example of this is Hazel Glen College in Victoria, Australia, which has employed a solar lighting design solution to their exterior car park.

Hazel Glen College – Solar Lighting Design

Hazel Glen College is one of Australia’s leading schools – offering a world-class curriculum; ground-breaking electives; cutting-edge facilities; and an enormous array of learning experiences. The upgrades to the school were carried out as part of the Victorian governments increased spending in Education over the past decade. Incorporating a solar lighting design solution as part of the upgrade recognises the importance of sustainable lighting solutions and the need to incorporate future focused solutions into government projects.

LIGMAN Lighting and Solar Lighting Design Solutions

The Hazel Glen College project utilised POWERMISSION street and area lighting luminaires. The fittings were made to order with 19W solar panels. The column mounted street lighting family showcases innovation and high-performance, in
a sustainable, flexible and future proof street light.

The Solar lighting design solution provides two days of autonomous operation, meaning that the luminaires can provide lighting to the car park for two days from a full battery. Eliminating the need for grid supplied power and the associated rising electricity costs.

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What is solar lighting design?

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What is the benefit of a solar lighting design solution?

: Solar lighting design solutions allow projects autonomy from the electricity grid, benefiting from the cost savings made.

Why would a school car park need a solar lighting design solution?

: Providing a solar lighting design solution to a school or any government project recognises the need for sustainable future proof lighting design solutions.

What is autonomous operation in a solar lighting design solution?

: Autonomous operation refers to the length of time a luminaire can provide light from a full charge without supplementary power – whether that be from solar energy or supplementary grid electricity.