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Solar Lighting Design Solutions


As the need to adopt sustainable solutions continues to grow, local government and councils around the world are recognising this requirement and looking at how to best implement environmentally friendly future proof projects. In some cases this includes solar lighting design solutions and the Master Plan
for the Ocotillio Park and Recreation Facility is one such example.

Ocotillio Park – Solar Lighting Design Solutions

David Evans & Associates Landscape Architects, in close collaboration with Cathedral City council, developed a master plan for the Ocotillo Park recreation facility that prioritised implementing sustainable features and technology – including solar powered lighting throughout. Ocotillio Park is one of nine community parks in the Cathedral City boundaries, offering a variety of amenities including a Ball Field, Basketball Court, BBQ Stand, Free Parking, Restrooms, Shade Structures, Skateboard Park, Tennis Court, Tot Lot, Walking Path, and WiFi.

ATLANTIC Shepherd's crook post top luminaires

Solar Lighting Design Solutions: Made to Order Luminaires

Ocotillio Park makes use of ATLANTIC Shepherd’s crook post top luminaires with made to order solar panels. Enabling this classic, urban, neighbourhood post top luminaire to take advantage of contemporary sustainable solar lighting technology.

Mounted on 6 meter pole with T2 lighting optics and 4000°K CRI80 LED lamps, the ATLANTIC is powered by
a 260W one piece solar panel which charges a 12V 2x60Ah battery. The lighting load is 40W for a 12 hour cycle at 100% output with dusk to dawn (D2D) operation. From a full charge, the battery can provide two days autonomous operation. Though in a place like Cathedral City, California which averages 271 sunny days per year, it is unlikely if ever that the batteries wont be regularly charged by the solar panels, leaving the park with uninterrupted lighting throughout the year.

Solar Lighting Design Solution Benefits

Beyond the feel good benefit of providing an environmentally friendly, future proof, solar lighting design solution, there are also tangible economical benefits to implementing a solar lighting design solution. Autonomy from the utilities grid is a huge advantage and selling point for the payback period of a solar lighting design solution, in that the installation will be free of rising electricity costs associated with
grid power.

What information do we need to have for solar lighting design completed?

Understanding the solutions for solar lighting design.


What benefits do solar lighting design solutions provide beyond the “feel good” factor.

: There are tangible economic benefits to implementing solar lighting design solutions, not only savings during installation, but the ongoing savings from electricity grid rates.

How can local government and councils implement more environmentally friendly solutions?

: Incorporating a solar lighting design solution into a project design is a positive step towards an environmentally friendly solution.

What makes Ocotillo Park an ideal location for a solar lighting design solution?

: Ocotillo Park receives an average of 271 sunny days per year, meaning that there is no shortage of solar energy and the renewable resource for powering the street lighting.