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Solar Light Installation


With the cost of electricity continuing to increase, and the continued need to transition from fossil fuel sources of power towards renewable energy,
the lighting industry is forging its own path through the implementation of solar light installations.

Solar Light Installations offer a number of advantages over their traditional grid supplied counterparts. There is the aforementioned increases in utility supplied electricity that is continuing to rise in cost no matter where in the world the lighting installation is located. However beyond the ongoing costs associated with grid supplied power is the upfront installation costs and the maintenance over the lifetime of the luminaires.

Upfront Costs

When determining the budget for any project there are two main costs that need to be considered, that is the purchase cost of the luminaires and materials, and the installation costs. In a traditional exterior lighting project this would include the luminaires themselves, conduits and cables connecting
the luminaires, and connection to the utility grid.

Where solar light installations make a considerable saving over utility connected lighting is that the supply and install costs associated with cabling, trenching, electricity supply, and so on are no longer required. Unless provision for supplementary grid supplied power is requested, Solar Light Installations can operate independent of both the electricity grid and independent of the inherent hardwiring and cabling that comes with it. Saving on both the running costs and upfront costs that would normally have to be factored in.

Lifetime Costs

As Solar Light Installations avoid the inherent ongoing costs associated with grid powered lighting, a projected saving over the lifetime of the luminaires and solar lighting installation can immediately be made. Although the purchase price of the solar luminiares will likely be higher than grid supplied fittings, the payback period over the lifetime of the luminaire can easily be realised through savings in the running costs associated with utility grid supplied
electric lighting.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of solar light installations and how your next project can benefit from the above mentioned advantages, get in touch with our dedicated team of specialists at SOLAR Lighting by LIGMAN who are ready to answer any of your questions.

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How are solar light installations different from grid supplied lighting installations?

: Solar light installations generate their own electricity from solar panels, eliminating the need for utility grid power.

What savings can be made when opting for a solar light installation?

: Solar light installations can save on the running costs by generating their own electricity. Solar light installations are also easier to install, saving on both equipment (cabling, conduit, etc) and labour costs (trenching, installing, etc).

Why are solar light installations the way of the future?

: As nations make the switch from fossil fuel to renewable energy, solar light installations will help facilitate this transition.