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Solar Light Fixture


Whilst governments and world leaders may be slow to adopt renewable energy and leave fossil fuel behind, members of the lighting industry are not going to wait for them to make the change and are instead developing their own ways of generating power. Solar Lighting by LIGMAN brings you a range of solar light fixtures that provide energy independence, enabling end users to leave the grid and not depend on existing infrastructure for electricity.

Solar Light Fixture

So what is a Solar Light Fixture? A solar light fixture is like a regular luminaire, but with the addition of a photovoltaic panel that collects solar energy from the sun during the day and stores it in a rechargeable battery. Other components include an intelligent controller that prevents the battery from overcharging, as well as communicate with sensors and time-clocks to determine when to turn the light on or off or even dim them.

Energy Independence

A major advantage of solar light fixtures is no longer having to rely on the local electricity grid. With rising costs of electricity, the limited availability of alternative options, solar light fixtures mean the lighting installation is no longer dependent on the utility grid and the associated costs with being a part of that system. 

Of course there is still the option of connecting to the utility grid for backup power, if you are concerned that the area in which the installation is located
will not receive enough solar energy to generate its own electricity. 

Truly Off-Grid

In many developing nations and remote locations away from major hubs, there may not be the option for on-grid power. In such situations solar light fixtures are very beneficial and show their true off-grid potential. In this way remote towns and the roads that service them can still benefit from the safety advantages that lighting provides, without being at the mercy of expensive infrastructure upgrades or fossil fuel generated power. 

How's the difference between On-grid and Off-grid solar light fixture?

When implementing a solar lighting system, an important consideration to make is whether it will be an on-grid or off-grid solution. The key difference between the two is that an on-grid system is...


What components make up a solar light fixture?

: The luminaire itself, a photovoltaic panel, a rechargeable battery and intelligent controller. 

How can solar light fixtures provide energy independence?
: Solar light fixtures are able to generate their own electricity, meaning they do not require a connection to the local utility grid.
Can solar light fixtures still connect to the utility grid?

: Yes. If requested, solar light fixtures can be on-grid for backup power when insufficient solar energy is available to recharge the batteries.

What solar light fixtures are there available?

: Visit LIGMAN’s dedicated solar lighting portal for the latest solar light fixtures on offer.