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Solar Integrated Post Top: The Future Of Solar Energy In Factories


Factories around the world are constantly looking into ways of increasing efficiency, reducing their overhead operation costs, and with the current emphasis on climate change also looking into ways in which they can also reduce their carbon footprint. For these reasons and more, solar integrated post top luminaires are a key element in the future of solar energy in factories. 

Solar Energy in Factories

It isn’t uncommon to see service stations and warehouses with solar panels lining their rooftops. This otherwise wasted space becomes a valuable resource which can be utilised for the generation of electricity. 

Typically located in industrial areas, factories differ from residential and commercial real estate in that they have more complex energy requirements. Factories will typically be on a different energy tariff due to their hours of operation, and in many cases the factories will have their own backup power to limit the number of interruptions and power outages. 

Solar energy for this reason is a valuable resource for factories as it can potentially reduce the overall power demand of the factory. Reducing their load during the daylight hours when the solar panels are generating electricity, as well as storing power in batteries for later use at night. 

Solar Integrated Post Top: The Future of Solar Energy in Factories

Exterior lighting is one of the easiest paths to the future of solar energy in factories, by utilising luminaires such at NATURE SOURCE solar integrated post top luminaires, which have revolutionised the design of solar integrated light fittings. 

NATURE SOURCE from LIGMAN Lighting is a contemporary eco-conscious family of luminaires. Featuring sleek modern housing, integrated motion and sunlight sensors, solar charging, and programmable dimming. As opposed to many other solar light fittings, NATURE SOURCE has been designed from the ground up with solar integration as part of the overall concept. Similar luminaires are typically retrofitted or modified to accommodate solar integration, NATURE SOURCE is a solar integrated solar post top by design. 

Energy Saving, Automation, Intelligent Dimming, Smart Lighting

Solar integrated post top luminaires such as NATURE SOURCE as the future of solar energy in factories. They provide immediate energy saving by the simple fact that they generate their own electricity. This in turn translates into cost savings and a direct reduction in the overall energy demands of the factory. The smart lighting features of NATURE source solar integrated post top luminaires such as movement detection, sun light detector, intelligent dimming and automated operation, ensure the luminaires are operating at their optimum. Increasing the length of life of the fitting, reducing maintenance intervals, saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of the factory. 

As solar technology improves, photovoltaic panels become more efficient, the return on investment that solar integrated post top luminaires provides, further illustrates how solar integrated post top lighting is the future of solar energy in factories. 

If you would like to know more about NATURE SOURCE, the extended range of solar lighting fittings from LIGMAN, or how you can implement solar lighting technology into your next project, please contact our dedicated LIGMAN SOLAR LIGHTING team of specialists who are ready to answer your questions. 

On-grid and Off-grid solar system

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Q: What solar integrated post top luminaires are available from LIGMAN?
A: NATURE SOURCE is LIGMAN’s solar integrated post top luminaire which is revolutionising what solar integrated post top luminaires can be.
Q: Why would factories want to incorporate solar energy and solar lighting into their design?

A: Factories can benefit from the use of solar energy and solar lighting technology by the cost savings, better efficiency, and reduced carbon footprint.

Q: What benefits to solar integrated post top fittings offer?

A: Solar integrated post top luminaires provide energy independence, which leads to reduced overhead costs, energy savings, and lower carbon footprint.