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Solar Bollard Light


Solar bollard lights provide a myriad of advantages over their utility-grid connected counter parts. Not only can they operate independent of the local electricity network from their battery stored self-generated power – saving on running costs. The purchase price of a solar bollard light is often less than the cost of trenching, cabling, wiring, and getting grid connected power fed to the site. 

In addition to the cost savings made from not needing to connect to the power grid, solar bollard lights are not subjected to power outages when there are problems with the utility grid.

Path lighting through parks

One typical application for solar bollard lights is to provide path lighting through parks and public open spaces. Such projects are typically commissioned by the local council or government and cost saving is typically high on the list when it comes to accepting design proposals. 

Now that photovoltaic cells have both improved in efficacy and reduced in cost, opting for a solar powered solution is a much more viable option. The range of solar bollard lights from LIGMAN Lighting offer a high quality product worth investing in. The long life of the LEDs means a significant reduction in maintenance intervals, and the fact that they are self contained and self powered mean that after the initial investment cost the ongoing expense is much less than traditional alternatives; the efficient performance of the solar cells also results on the cost savings being realised much sooner. 

LIGMAN Lighting Solar Integrated Bollard Families

 – Indirect light-emitting bollard range with integrated solar panels. Smooth and sharp devised bollard family with digital controller and integrated battery enabling both mains and solar power supply. 

 – Contemporary, handsome bollards, delivering glare-free illumination. Precision optics for unrivalled space to height ratio and solar photovoltaic panels providing off-grid independent operation. 

 – Elegant architectural frame family with integrated solar photovoltaic panels. Glare-free concealed optics in a refined and chic solution to complement contemporary urban spaces. 

Visit our dedicated Solar Lighting by LIGMAN website for more information about solar bollard lights and how they can be utilised in your next project. 

Solar Lighting by LIGMAN website


In what ways are solar bollard lights superior to grid-connected bollard lights?

: Solar bollard lights can generate their own power and do not depend on a connection to the local utility grid. 

Where can solar bollard lights be installed?
: Solar bollard lights can be utilised anywhere they will receive sufficient daylight to charge their integrated batteries.
How long can the solar bollard lights operate on a single charge?

: From a full battery the solar bollard light can operate for a maximum of 15 hours. 

Is it possible to connect the solar bollard light to the utility grid for backup purposes?

:  Yes, there is option of stand alone solar bollard lights or a hybrid connection that is connected to the utility grid; enabling the batter to charge when sufficient daylight is not available.