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Solar Bollard Light


Pedestrian area lighting and public lighting at a human scale is an important development in lighting technology. Post top and pole mounted street lighting is necessary for visibility when it comes to cars and vehicles moving at increased speeds, but when we’re walking along quiet paths that only need sufficient illumination for the path ahead, we don’t necessarily want to upset our night vision adaptation and view of the sky. For this reason bollards
are often the preferred option when it comes to pedestrian area and pathway lighting, particularly if safety is not a concern and preservation of the night time environment is important.

Energy Efficient Pedestrian Lighting

Solar lighting technology is enabling landscape architects, lighting designers, and master planners to illuminate botanical gardens, public open spaces,
and residential pathways without the need for on-grid power and to provide more environmentally sustainable lighting solutions.

LIGMAN have a range of solar bollard lights which represent the future of solar lighting technology. Rather than being a retrofitted solution, these solar bollard lights have been designed from the ground up, which allows them to take full advantage of the latest in solar and LED lighting technology.


Indirect light-emitting bollard range with integrated solar panels. Smooth and sharp devised bollard family with digital controller and integrated battery enabling both mains and solar power supply.

Learn more about LIGHTSOFT solar bollard lights:


Contemporary, handsome bollards, delivering glare-free illumination. Precision optics for unrivalled space to height ratio and solar photovoltaic panels providing off-grid independent operation.


Learn more about PRAGUE solar bollard lights:


Elegant architectural frame family with integrated solar photovoltaic panels. Glare-free concealed optics in a refined and chic solution to complement contemporary urban spaces.


Learn more about AUGUSTA solar bollard lights:

What's the solar system LIGMAN can provide?

Read more about the solar lighting system on-grid and off-grid solutions.


What advantages do LIGMAN's new range of solar bollards offer over the existing alternatives?

: LIGHTSOFT, PRAGUE, and AUGUSTA, are not retrofitted solar bollards but rather designed from the ground up to incorporate solar technology for better efficiency and overall performance.

Why are solar bollards the preferred option for public area lighting?

: Solar bollards do not require a connection to the on-grid power and therefore do not require the same infrastructure for power, or incur the same costs associated use of the utility grid.

Where could solar bollards potentially be utilised?

: As long as there is sufficient day light exposure, any area that would typically be illuminated with bollard lighting can be serviced
with solar bollard lighting.