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Newlands Park – New Zealand


Newlands park is one of the biggest park and playground projects by Wellington City Council. It was identified as a redevelopment opportunity as part of
the Northern Reserves Management Plan.The upgrade at Newlands park had been underway since 2019 and officially opened in July 2021. 


Key features

LocationWellington, New Zealand
Products usedSTEAMER 1
SE-90002-SO-40 made to order for 27 W Vertical Solar PV pole
Pole height6.137 meters
CCT / CRI3000K CRI80
OpticT2, 136°x51°

Solar energy system information

Load 27 W, 5 days of autonomy @60%
Solar module Solar PV pole 2: SOL-20011
Solar charger controller system 12V 15A
Battery 12V 8×16.5Ah
Dimming options
  • 9 hours luminaire operating @100%
  • Dusk to Dawn (D2D)
  • 5 days autonomy @60%
Solar lighting system design Impressions Lighting – Josh Duckett
Technical drawing and product image