This is LIGMAN's dedicated web site for Solar solutions. For lighting, please visit: – New website launch


We are pleased to announce our dedicated solar lighting website as a resource focusing on the solar specific range of LIGMAN products, projects and services. 

The 21st century has given rise to many realities of global living, in particular the impact of humanity on the natural environment. The current reliance on fossil fuel may end within our lifetimes, not only as a result of their dwindling supplies but also to curtail the damage caused through their increased exploitation. 

As a direct result, sustainability and renewable forms of energy are becoming a necessity rather than a nice-to-have. 

LIGMAN has always been a forward thinking company, embracing the latest in lamp and lens technology to continuously improve lighting efficiency; and investing in the Internet of Things for the interconnected smart cities of the future. 

Thanks to recent advancements in solar lighting technology, we have now established a dedicated branch of LIGMAN with a focus on this area of expertise.

Solar Lighting by LIGMAN is enabling us to expand our existing range and continue to grow with both advancements in solar technology and increasing market demand. 

This blog will be regularly updated with news from our Solar Lighting division, however you can already browse our current offerings, existing projects and history with solar technology throughout the site now. 

We look forward to servicing your solar lighting needs, and provide you with solutions for today as well as the future.