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Integrated Solar Light


Industries around the globe are looking at ways to become more environmentally sustainable, and one of the biggest indicators is the shift away from traditional fuel sources that provide the bulk of the worlds electricity. One of the ways that LIGMAN Lighting are leading this charge is through integrated solar light.

What is integrated solar light?

All electrical devices need to get their power from somewhere, in most cases this is electricity provided by the utilities grid. Lighting was no exception until integrated solar light became a reality. Integrated solar light combines the latest in lighting technology (energy efficient LED lighting) with the latest
in photovoltaic technology and batteries. Marrying of these two technologies gives us integrated solar light, whereby the luminaire generates its own electricity from solar energy, operating in a closed loop that is independent of the existing utilities grid.

What integrated solar light fittings are available?

Solar integrated light fittings are at the cusp of cutting edge lighting technology and innovation. LIGMAN Lighting offer
a number of made to order post top light fittings such as ABERDEEN, FORREY, MACARON and ARIZONA, as well as street and area lighting fittings BILLUND, POWERMISSION and STEAMER.

As part of LIGMAN’s commitment to innovation there are also a range of integrated solar light bollard luminaires that have been developed from the ground up. LIGHTSOFT, PRAGUE and AUGUSTA are the first integrated solar light fittings developed with solar integration in mind. They have been uniquely designed to incorporate the solar photo voltaic panels and represent the future of integrated solar lighting design.

NATURE SOURCE is the final offering in the current line up of integrated solar light fittings. A minimal post top that integrates motion sensors, LED efficiency, and solar powered autonomous operation in a contemporary
eco-conscious modern housing.

Where can I learn more about integrated Solar Light Fittings?

LIGMAN Lighting is committed to environmentally sustainable, future focused, human centric lighting solutions that generations tomorrow will be proud
to look back on. The dedicated solar lighting division at LIGMAN is available to answer any questions that you may have about integrated solar light fittings and how you can best integrate solar lighting design into your next project

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Which LIGMAN post top light fittings are available made to order with integrated solar?


Which LIGMAN street and area light fittings are available made to order with integrated solar?


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