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Ebbett Group – New Zealand


The Ebbett Hamilton Precinct is one of the first to showcase the potential of the new Vertical PV Solar Poles from LIGMAN. Exploring solar powered lighting possibilities, Impressions Lighting and Micon Engineering, developed a solution without the need for external power to the site. 


Key features

LocationHamilton, New Zealand
Products usedABERDEEN 2
ABA-20011-SO-50 made to order for 50 W Vertical Solar PV pole
Pole height5.637 meters
Quantity2 pieces
CCT / CRI4000K CRI80
OpticT5, 119°x147°

Solar energy system information

Load 50W, 5 hours @100%
Solar module Solar PV pole 6: SOL-20051
Solar charger controller system 12V 15A
Battery 12V 6×16.5Ah
Dimming options
  • 5 hours luminaire operating @100%
  • 6 hours standard dimming
  • 3 days autonomy
Additional options With an integrated 4G GPRS module
Technical drawing and product image
technical ABERDEEN