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Cobham Drive Walkway – New Zealand


Cobham Drive Walkway is a 1.3km stretch of pedestrian path along Evans Bay in Wellington, New Zealand. Wellington City Council commissioned lighting designer Josh Duckett to illuminate this area. Which appears unassuming, yet presented many specific challenges. Located next to the coast, strong winds and sea water are prevalent in this area. Rocks along the shore also provide homes for the local penguin population. 

To withstand wind gusts of up to 200km/hr the standard poles and PV cells were factory reinforced. Extra powder coating provided necessary protection against corrosion from sea water exposure. Conservation of local wildlife inspired the Turtle Friendly Lighting range. To protect the penguins living next to Cobham Drive, Turtle Friendly Lighting with 2200k LED’s illuminate the Walkway. Bird deterrent devices on top of the fittings prevent seagulls landing and nesting. With side shields installed to cut off any light spill. 

Each solar PV pole houses eight batteries to meet the City Councils requirement of six days of autonomy. As well as SIM cards in each pole for remote monitoring and maintenance.


Key features

LocationWellington, New Zealand
Products usedSTEAMER1
SE-90002-SO-26 made to order for 26 W Vertical Solar PV pole
Pole height6.157 MM AND OVER ALL TOTAL HEIGHT 6.408mm
CCT / CRI2200K CRI80

Solar energy system information

Load16W (26W luminaire operating at 16W)
Solar moduleVertical Solar PV pole : SE-90002
Solar charger controller system24V, MOTION SENSOR, GPRS MODULE 4G
Battery12V 8 x 16.5Ah
Dimming options
  • Dark to Dawn @ 70% output 
  • Exclude batteries
  • High charge conversion efficiency up to 97%  discharge conversion efficiency up to 96
  • Setting by Remote Control. Day of autonomy 6.0 Days
Solar lighting system designImpressions Lighting – Josh Duckett
Technical drawing and product image