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Centre des Impôts de Marseille –  France


Centre des Impots de Marseille (Tax Office) is a government building in the city of Marseille, France. Existing lighting to the entrance and gardens needed upgrading with a more energy efficient solution. 
LIGMAN post top fittings ARIZONA paired with vertical solar PV poles illuminate the pedestrian access. This robust solution provides lighting to the building entrance without the need for on-grid power. 
The design of the ARIZONA mimics traditional area luminaires but without any upward spill light. Providing wide coverage of light distribution in an energy efficient package. Without the need for mains power cabling, positioning of the poles wasn’t dictated by the existing infrastructure. 


Key features

LocationMarseille, France
Products usedARIZONA 5
AR-21052-SO-40 made to order for
140 W Vertical Solar PV pole
Pole height5,916mm
CCT / CRI4000K CRI80

Solar energy system information

Load40W, 3 hours @100%
Solar moduleSolar PV pole 2: SOL-20011
Solar charger controller systemMPPT 12V 15A
BatteryLiFeP04 3×16.5Ah 12V
Dimming options

2 Step Dimming (3Hr 100% ,6Hr 50%)

Technical drawing and product image