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Solar Pole Lights in the UAE


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is situated in Middle East, bordering the
Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, between Oman and Saudi Arabia; it is in
a strategic location slightly south of the Strait of Hormuz, a vital transit point for world crude oil. 

The climate of the UAE is subtropical-arid with hot summers and warm winters. The climate is categorized as desert climate. The hottest months are July and August, when average maximum temperatures reach above 45 °C on the coastal plain.

In the Al Hajar Mountains, temperatures are considerably lower. Average minimum temperatures in January and February are between 10 and 14 °C. During the late summer months, a humid southeastern wind known as Sharqi makes the coastal region especially unpleasant.

The average annual rainfall in the coastal area is less than 120 mm, but in some mountainous areas annual rainfall often reaches 350 mm. Rain in the coastal region falls in short, torrential bursts during the summer months, sometimes resulting in floods in ordinarily dry wadi beds. The region is prone to occasional, violent dust storms, which can severely reduce visibility.

The United Arab Emirates and Solar Pole Lights

Though built on the profits from exporting crude oil, leaders of the country and in the region understand that oil is a limited resource and will one day
run dry. Focusing on this inevitability, plans are already being made for the gradual transition to clean renewable energy. As early as in 2008 construction started on the city-of-the-future named Masdar City, with the goal of being
the worlds first carbon neutral city. 

“We have to be ready to celebrate the last export of a barrel of oil,” says Yousef Baselaib. executive director for sustainable real estate in Masdar City.
“It is cheaper to produce solar than to use a conventional gas plant. But it is not 24-7. No matter how many megawatts, we still need backup and we are investing in research and development such as energy storage.”

With such a clear vision for the future and an abundance of solar radiation, the United Arab Emirates is an ideal location for the application of solar
lighting technology. 

How many advantages can vertical solar poles lights offer?

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The UAE is built on the export of oil, why would they be interested in solar pole lighting?

: Leaders in the region recognise the finite nature of crude oil and are actively investing in renewable sustainable energy sources.

How does solar pole lighting reduce our reliance on fossil fuel powered electricity?
: Solar pole lighting generates its own electricity, eliminating the reliance on utility grid power.
What other benefits does solar pole lighting offer?

: Solar pole lighting does not depend on existing infrastructure, making it the ideal choice for both new developments without a grid, and existing developments which are difficult to service.