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Solar LED Pole Lights


Advancements in both solar lighting and LED pole lights show how the lighting industry is leading the way when it comes to future focused solutions.
Solar LED Pole Lights which take advantage of both solar technology and LED lighting technology, are proving that we no longer have to rely on old ideas and solutions for when it comes to solving the issues of tomorrow and today.

Ebbett Hamilton Precinct, New Zealand

The Ebbett Hamilton Precinct, New Zealand is one of the first to showcase the potential of the new Vertical PV Solar LED Pole Lights from LIGMAN. Exploring solar powered lighting possibilities, Impressions Lighting and Micon Engineering, developed a solution without the need for external power to the site. In one of the first which is likely to be many off grid lighting projects, the solar LED pole lights operate completely independently of utility grid power.


ABERDEEN Made to Order Solar LED Pole Lights

The Ebbett Hamilton Precinct utilises LIGMAN ABERDEEN post top LED light fittings with made to order vertical solar PV poles. The 50W fittings are mounted on a 5.637 meter pole and feature a customised T5 optic with 4000°K CRI80 LED lamps. The two piece 280W solar PV pole (2x140W) powers a 12V 6x 16.6Ah battery, providing the luminaires with a daily load of 50W with 100% output at five hours operation time, which can be increased to six hours with the standard dimming option.

Grid Independence and Autonomous Operation

The goal of the project was to provide lighting to the Ebbett Hamilton Precinct without the need for external power from the utilities grid. The ABERDEEN made to order solar LED pole lights on their current schedule of 5 hours per night
at 100% output can provide three days of autonomy. What does that mean? From a full charge and no supplementary power, the luminaires can provide lighting to the car for three days – that being five hours per night. It is unlikely that
the solar LED pole lights wont receive any sunlight for three entire days, so over that time the batteries will continue
to be topped up without the fear of them depleting by the fourth day.

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How do solar LED pole lights achieve autonomous operation?

: Solar LED pole lights store electricity generated by the solar panels, which is then used to power the solar LED pole lights and preventing the need for grid power.

How is the lighting industry leading the way when it comes to environmental sustainability?

: Solar LED pole lights enable outdoor lighting projects to operate independent of fossil fuel powered utility grid power.

How can lighting design projects adopt more future focused environmentally sustainable solutions?

: Incorporating solar LED pole lights into external lighting projects helps to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuel electricity.