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Solar Charged LED Lights


When the development of the white LED had reached a point that it could compete with traditional sources like incandescent and fluorescent lighting,
the entire lighting industry changed forever. Luminaires could be produced much smaller thanks to the decrease in lamp size, and issues associated with heating and cooling were also revolutionised.


The lighting industry is now on the cusp of another seismic shift in the form of solar charged LED lights. Parallel to the advancement of LED lighting 

technology, the solar power industry continued to innovate, producing more efficient photo-voltaic panels that could generate more electricity. Battery technology
has also grown and now all three technologies can provide the benefits of solar charged LED lights.

LIGMAN Solar Charged LED Lights

A number of LIGMAN’s range of world class exterior LED light fittings can now benefit from solar charged LED light technology. Through the use of LIGMAN’s vertical solar PV poles, luminaires from the existing catalogue of post top and area lighting fittings can generate their own power from vertical polar PV poles.

Introducing dedicated solar charged LED lights

In addition to the vertical solar PV poles which work with a range of LIGMAN’s existing exterior lighting catalogue, including but not limited to the made to order luminaires for vertical solar PV poles, LIGMAN have introduced a range of solar integrated bollards.

The solar integrated bollards represented the future of solar charged LED light fittings, designed from the ground up to incorporate photo voltaic panels and be solar powered by design. AUGUSTA, LIGHTSOFT, and PRAGUE are the first of what will continue to be a growing range of solar charged LED light fittings.

Visit the dedicated Solar Lighting by LIGMAN page to learn more about the benefits of solar charged LED lights and how your next project can 
take advantage of these developments in technology.

What reason would there be to integrate solar light into street and area lighting luminaires?

You can find out the answer and get interesting information about solar LED lights at


Why are solar charged LED lights the next revolution in the lighting industry?

: Solar charged LED lights free up external lighting from the traditional utility grid in that they can generate their own electricity.

How can traditional exterior luminaires become solar charged LED lights?

: LIGMAN has developed a vertical solar PV pole which enables traditional exterior luminaires to become solar charged LED lights.

Have LIGMAN developed any solar charged LED lights from conception to realisation.

: AUGUSTA, LIGHTSOFT, and PRAGUE are the first luminaires to be designed with solar charged LED lights at their foundation. They represent the future of solar charged LED lighting.